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Who is Fuuki?

Fuuki is illustrated by Australian born & raised artist Willem Scholten, now residing near the good old city of Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


What is Fuuki?

A chubby, crudely drawn bunny.

What's the story?

The short story is,
Fuuki started out as a street-art project.
100’s of photocopies of crudely cut out bunny drawings went out into the night with a bucket of wallpaper glue and covered the city streets of Sydney, Australia.
People started reacting.
Dwelling on many other creative outlets at the time, Scholten wanted to see what would happen if his full focus went towards Fuuki. 
The street-art led to t-shirt printing, which led to setting up the ‘Fuuki Store’ at markets and music festivals. 

Do you do custom artwork?

I sure do!
Feel free to send me an email and i’ll get back to you ASAP.

email: info@fuuki.nl


How are the shirts made?

The ‘Classic’ T-shirts are screen-printed by Fuuki himself with water-based textile inks, the old school way. 
The ‘Premium’ T-shirts are printed in HD Full-colour, using similar water-based inks, but in a totally different way to traditional screen-printing. 


Do you speak Dutch?




SHIPPING COSTS! am i right? as much as we all hate them, they sadly do exist! Fuuki feels you, and loves you.

NL – € 4,50 (FREE above 100 euro)
Germany & Belgium – € 9,95 euro (FREE above 150 euros)
Europe – € 15,50 euro (FREE above 150 euros)
World – € 29,95 euro (FREE above 200 euros)


For special enquiries don’t hesitate to drop Fuuki an email!

Duisterestraat 34 – 6686 CV Doornenburg (mail) – KvK-nummer 62855530 – BTW-nummer – NL002408770B61 – info@fuuki.nl

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