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What is Fuuki?

A bunny.

What's the story?

Situated in the Netherlands, Australian born Willem Scholten, spends his time drawing bunnies that reflect how we all feel and spreading them on t-shirts that he screenprints himself.

There’s at least 1 new Fuuki added to the Fuuki family every week.

Fuuki started out of boredom as a street-art project. 100’s of photocopies of 4 crudely drawn bunnies went out into the night with a bucket of wallpaper glue and covered the city streets of Sydney, Australia.

It was the way people started reacting to Fuuki ( i.e. people getting actual Fuuki tattoos) that kept Scholten doing what he was doing, drawing bunnies and spreading them around.

The street-art led to t-shirt printing, which led to markets, which led to comic cons and music festivals, which led to a home-made little brand that keeps it’s head above water, goes with the flow and stays true to what it stands for.. spreading silly bunnies around, nothing more, nothing less.

Fuuki, a blot on the landscape, a bunny of all trades, a master of none.

How are the shirts made?

Imported from top quality companies around the globe, screenprinted by Fuuki himself with waterbased textile inks. Labeled and made ready for you to wear!

Shipping cost

SHIPPING COSTS! am i right? as much as we all hate them, they do exist! Fuuki now covers shipping if you live in the land of the clogs and if you live outside of the Netherlands, i charge a little less then half the total.

NL – FREE (always)
Europe – 3,95 euro (Free above 50euro)
World – 6,95 euro (Free above 75euro)


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