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What is Fuuki?

A chubby, crudely drawn bunny.

What's the story?

Situated in the Netherlands, Australian born Willem Scholten, spends his time drawing bunnies that reflect how we all feel

These are then spread on t-shirts and other cool merch.

There’s roughly 1 new Fuuki added to the Fuuki family every week.

Fuuki started out of boredom as a street-art project. 100’s of photocopies of 4 crudely drawn bunnies went out into the night with a bucket of wallpaper glue and covered the city streets of Sydney, Australia.

It was the way people started reacting to Fuuki ( i.e. people getting actual Fuuki tattoos) that kept Scholten doing what he was doing, drawing bunnies and spreading them around.

The street-art led to t-shirt printing, which led to markets, which led to comic cons and music festivals, which led to a home-made business that can keep it’s own head above water and stays true to what it stands for.. spreading chubby bunnies around, nothing more, nothing less.

Fuuki, a blot on the landscape, a bunny of all trades, a master of none.

Do you do custom artwork?

I sure do!
Feel free to send me an email and i’ll get back to you ASAP.

email: info@fuuki.nl


How are the shirts made?

The ‘Classic’ T-shirts are screen-printed by Fuuki himself with water-based textile inks, the old school way. 
The ‘Premium’ T-shirts are printed in HD Full-colour, using similar water-based inks, but in a totally different way to traditional screen-printing. 



SHIPPING COSTS! am i right? as much as we all hate them, they sadly do exist! Fuuki feels you, and loves you.

NL – € 3,95 (FREE above 50 euro)
Europe – € 9,95 euro (FREE above 75 euros)
World – € 24,95 euro (FREE above 100 euros)


For special enquiries don’t hesitate to drop Fuuki an email!

Duisterestraat 34 – 6686 CV Doornenburg (mail) – 0619983673 – KvK-nummer 62855530 – BTW-nummer NL234705231B01 – info@fuuki.nl

Fuuki's so far